What is the Team Add-On?

If your Company/Office is using kvCORE, you might be wondering how you can get kvCORE for yourself! What if you wanted to manage a group of Agents? Perhaps you have a team and would love to have your own Team-Based website, lead routing for your Team's advertising dollars, etc.

That's where this Add-On comes in. You can manage your own little team of Agents, within your Brokerage! Instead of laying down thousands of dollars for another system or account, you can contain it within the kvCORE account you are already using for a fraction of the cost of another system.

Specific Team Features

What exactly do you get with your own Team?

Team Website : 

Get a domain for your Team's own customizable website. The same concept as your Office site, but with only your teammates on it.

Team Lead Dropbox :

Send leads from any source to your Team to be routed to its members.

Team Lead Routing : 

For every lead that is sent to your Team, control how they are routed to your Team members. Area, Price, MLS, Source, etc.

Team Squeeze & Landing Pages : 

Create custom advertisements and landing points for new leads to sign up and be distributed to your Team. This empowers you to run your own Team Advertising budget.

Team Smart Number : 

Your Team wouldn't be complete with all of the Advertising tools at your disposal, including your own kvCORE smart number. Use the Smart Number to generate leads via text messaging, as well as to receive calls to be distributed how you see fit.

Core Team Plus

With the Core Team Add-on, you have a limit of 15 users with the basic package, but with "Core Team Plus" you can have a limit of up to 50 users. You can also have up to 3 MLS's included instead of just 1, and 10 Smart Numbers as well. Core Team Plus also includes all of the basic features as well.

Team Smart Campaigns : 

You can easily configure and deploy Smart Campaigns for your entire Team, to employ any follow-up or incubation strategies as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Team Lead Ownership: "Non-owners Mode" Pro teams have the ability to configure their team to be the owner of all new leads added to kvCORE. This powerful feature should only be enabled when the teams operating practices are aligned with this lead ownership strategy.

If an agent is a member of this type of team, every lead they receive/create/are assigned to is owned by the team. When an agent is moved onto this team, their leads do not change ownership, but any new leads from this time forward will be owned by the team.

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