The Leadbee shortcode is a texting system you can use to display an extension belonging to a specific property on your signs, flyers, and social media as a way for clients to obtain more information on a listing. Clients can text the property extension or keyword to 67299 and instantly receive a message with a link to the property website. In turn, you will receive a lead with the clients phone number and information on which property they were looking in to at the time.

Clients on the go can quickly text the shortcode to see more information about a listing and view the listings' property website.

Their information will also be sent to you (via email and/or text) as a lead and you can follow up with them to answer any more questions they might have about the listing or their home search.

Where To Find The Shortcode

First, log into CORE Listing Machine and select "View" for your listing.

At the top of the page, the detailed information regarding your listing will be displayed. At the top of the page you will see the shortcode and also down to the bottom right.

How To Use The Shortcode

For these instructions, we are pretending to be a new lead. On your signage or flyers, or information out in the real world, you will prompt people to access a virtual tour and to get more information, to text [keyword] to '67299.' When they do so, they will automatically receive a response with links to access your property website.

Start by composing a text to '67299.'

Then, send the 'keyword' (usually a number) that you found in the listing details earlier.

You will receive a text response: 

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