Valuation Attempts are property addresses that were entered on the sell page by someone, but were never added to a seller lead, because the person who entered the address declined to provide any contact information. They either click to the sell section of your K+ website, or you are pulling them to the sell page with a seller squeeze link. In either case the page has the same functionality.

Depending on the quality of your ads, or the expectations of the potential seller when they access the sell page, you could have more seller leads, or more valuation attempts.

Sell Page

(as shown on a K+ website)

When creating ads and pushing your sell page, keep in mind that if someone is expecting to fill in a valuation based on the ad they clicked on, they are more likely to provide their contact info. See ouradvertising tips for more info. 

To access your valuation attempts, click on the section under seller leads in your left hand navigation:


You will be presented with a list of addresses (if any exist.) 

The columns are as follows:

Address - The address the potential seller entered on the sell page.

Attempt Made - The date the potential seller entered the address onto the sell page.

Out of Area - Is the address located within the specified service area of your Kunversion website? (This is based on counties, not cities.)

Referred - If the area the address is located within is not in your service area, the valuation attempt may be referred to someone who is closer.

Add Lead - This is a shortcut to the add lead page, where cole data attempts to find homeowner information.

Build CMA - This will generate a PDF CMA that you can include in any kind of listing packet or package you wish to use for door knocking. Simply fill out the fields and Kunversion will generate the PDF for you to download. If you wish to print it, be sure to set the page margins to 'none.'

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