Cole Data is an information source Kunversion+ can tap into, to try and obtain information associated with a physical address.  That information could include a name, email address, and phone number. We try to use Cole Data in a few places to try to get data from seller leads.

By and large, Kunversion+ will use Cole Data automatically for your seller leads.

When you open a lead, always remember to check the notes tab to review the lead background check +Cole Data in the case of seller leads.

How you can use Cole Data

Add Lead:

The first way you can use cole data is by going to add a lead using an address. If you have an address you want to add to the system as a lead, but you don't have homeowner info, then you could attempt to mine that info from only an address.

1. Use the quick actions menu to access the add lead page.

2. Enter the address information into the ' Add Lead by Mailing Address ' section, then click ' Search Address':

3. Whatever information cole data finds will be filled out in the 'Add Lead W/Email Address' section on the left, in uppercase characters.

You can only add leads that have a phone number, or email. They need some method of contact information to be added. Cole data will try to find both. If it does not find an email and/or phone, then there is no record of that info existing anywhere on the internet.


Via Valuation Attempts

If a potential seller fills in an address on the sell page of your website, they will be prompted to provide their contact information if they wish to see a valuation. If they decline to submit contact information, Kunversion+ still saves the address they entered as a 'Valuation Attempt.'

On the valuation attempts page, you will see one of the columns is set as 'Add Lead.'

Clicking the + icon to the right of each attempt will use Cole Data to try to fill in the add lead form that you would normally use on the 'Add Lead' page from the quick actions menu. Basically, it saves you having to copy and paste the address to that screen.

Whenever an address is found to have information, you will see this green success notice:

Using Geolocate

Another interesting application of Cole Data is with our GeoLocate tool in the K+ mobile app.

To access GeoLocate, open the app and follow the options:

Essentially as you tour a neighborhood, this tool can help you fill in the blanks when farming. Wherever you are standing, it will show you nearby properties and information. You could add this info directly to Kunversion as you tour the neighborhood or you could use it to start a conversation for door knocking purposes.

When you open the app while standing near some properties, this is what you will see:

Whenever you tap on a red marker, Kunversion will use Cole Data to pull whatever information it can find.

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