It's always a good idea to check your Facebook Messenger for message requests or filtered messages on a regular basis. This is especially true when you are using the default facebook messenger connection with your Kunversion website.

To connect Facebook Messenger to your kunversion site, simply make sure your correct Facebook link is entered into settings. 

If you are not sure what that is, login to Facebook and click on your name at the top. (or click here )

This will take you to your Facebook page, and you will see your ID in the URL.

(This is only going to add messenger if you do not have a custom chat program setup on your kunversion site.)

Check Messenger on your Desktop:

  1.  Click on the lightening bolt icon at top right of Facebook and Open up the Messenger  page to "View All in Messenger"


2.  Click on the Wheel, upper left 

3.  Click on Message Requests


4.  Click on Filtered Request.

Check Messenger using the Messenger Mobile App

1.  Open Messenger

2.  Tap the three bars bottom right

3.  Tap Message Requests

How to Respond 

If someone messages you, they will need to use Facebook Messenger. This guarantees that you're talking to someone's real profile. You will get messages normally. They will not show up in your "Other" inbox. You can use Facebook Messenger on your phone, or on your computer, the same way that you would chat with any of your Facebook Friends! ***Please note! If you are using your personal FB Profile, you will always need to check your "other" inbox, on mobile, or "Message Requests" on your desktop web browser. (You can see 'Message Requests' in grey in the screenshot below. Currently Facebook filters out messages from people they think you do not know. Business pages are not affected right now.


How does it work?

There is a tiered approach to who gets what messages. We'll break it down:

  • If the lead is on your subdomain (your personal website) then the chats go to you. If you are building squeeze pages from your Agent Dashboard, those all use your subdomain.

  • If the person initiating the chat is already a lead, that chat will go to whoever owns the lead, regardless of what subdomain they are on.

  • If the person initiating the chat is on your Agencies main domain, that chat will go to the Facebook Profile entered into the Broker Settings page.

  • If there is no Profile set in Broker settings, the chat will round robin to the active agent next in line to recieve a lead from rotation. The chat does not create a new lead, however.

Alternatives to Messenger

If you want to replace the facebook chat widget with a third party chat you may. Send your third party chat widget to and we can add it for you. The custom widget replaces facebook chat completely on the company site- so you must obtain the approval of the site owner if that is not you. 

Suggested chat programs: intercom, olark,

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