Please note - this content speaks to the homepage photos that are available to customize and set via Content in the Team/Admin Dashboard.

To access Blog Ads:

1.  Log into Team/Admin Dashboard

2.  Hover over Content & Click on Blog Ads

3.  Blog ads run at the bottom of each blog on the primary broker domain and agent subdomains 

When updating, the system can take up to 90 minutes to reflect the change.

If you do not see the change when you check for it, please clear the cache/cookies on your browser and/or open the link via an incognito tab.

Also note, that the ads rotate when the page is refreshed. It's completely random as to what ad you will see. 

4.  Fill out the form then click Create Ad.

Underneath the ad creator, all of your created ads will be shown along with their stats.

Example of Blog Ad on a Kunversion site

When an interested party clicks on "Want to Advertise on this Site?"  they are directed to this page where they are prompted to fill out content and then it is submitted to you.

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