A squeeze page (or link) is essentially a link to a list of properties. Squeeze pages are special though because they can track statistics that you need in order to track if your advertising efforts are working. They can provide tracking at a deeper level than Google Analytics as they allow you to see how many people have visited the squeeze page link, and how many people have signed up as a result - this is your signup rate. If your signup rate is over 7%, you're doing well! From the people who have signed up via the squeeze pages, you can see which of them came from what campaign, as long as you specify a hashtag.

To create a squeeze page first scroll over the 'Lead Engine' tab from the main navigation on the left and select 'Build Squeeze Page'. Then you can select the type of squeeze page you'd like to create.

Admins Please Note: If you're creating a squeeze page for an entity or Agent other than yourself you'll want to choose the correct domain from the entity dropdown on the top left.

There are many types of squeeze pages that can be created using kvCORE! Each has its own purpose and process.

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