When you are viewing a contact in kvCORE, you can review their sources. This tells you the conditions that kvCORE saw when the contact was created. It will help you accurately determine if they came from an ad, another website, etc.

By and large, sources are created at the same time leads are created. When multiple leads come from the same place, they will have the same source name.

Basic Source Information

When you open a contact, on the left hand side you will see their summary information. Outlined in red is their source summary:



This is pretty self explanatory, it tells us that Kim found our website organically from a link they followed from Facebook. 


There are some terms that you should know to better understand what this means:

  • Organic - This usually represents the fact that the person did not click on a link that was necessarily tied to an advertisement. It normally means that they were searching or browsing something (like Google) and found a link back to your website.
  • Website - Specifically a kvCORE website. It could be your personal site, the team's website, office, etc. 
  • Referrer - The page the person was on before clicking through to your kvCORE website. The source you set in your squeeze or landing pages will be reported here as the "referrer."
  • Direct - This means that the link that person visited did not have/come from a referrer. This is usually what happens when someone types in a URL directly, such as from a business card.
  • Dropbox - This is the email import service that you can use in kvCORE to funnel new leads from 3rd parties via email. They could be your dropbox, the offices, teams, etc. that were routed to you.
  • PPC Parameter - Pay Per Click Parameter: This is a piece of a squeeze page link that tells kvCORE that the link was used for advertising. (You should use squeeze links for ads!)
  • Import - Means imported from a file. This is not the same as 'dropbox' or 'email imports.'
  • Office - The lead was captured at the office level, and then assigned to you.
  • Team - The lead was captured at the team level, and then assigned to you.
  • Agent - The lead was captured by your personal source. So, your personal website, dropbox email, Zapier connection, etc.

Detailed Source Information

You can see more specific source information by expanding 'More Details' in the left-hand menu:



Scroll down until you see the source information:

(the capture method contains the url that the lead signed up, which is why it is redacted in the graphic below.)


So, using the definitions in the yellow notes box above, we can decipher the true source of the lead in the above example.


Source - Organic Website : The lead signed up on the kvCORE website, after clicking through from somewhere that was NOT an advertisement.

System Source - Agent Website : The lead signed up on the agent's personal kvCORE website. It was not routed from the team, or office, etc.

Referrer - m.facebook.com : The website the lead was on before click through to the agent's personal kvCORE website was Facebook.

Capture Method - [URL] : This is the specific page the lead signed up on, on the agent's personal kvCORE website.


Putting that all together we can assume that most likely, this agent has posted something on Facebook, which this lead found interesting. They clicked on it, and were brought to the agent's personal kvCORE website, where they registered and became a new lead when they were prompted to sign up.


If you have any questions about your lead's source or need help deciphering it, please do not hesitate to contact us at support!


Can I change or control a Lead's/Contact's source?

You can, but only in a few circumstances. Just note that once the Lead has been added into the kvCORE system you CANNOT change the lead source. (you would have to delete re-add the Lead if you want the source changed.)

  • If there is a source in the email that is sent to the lead dropbox, it can set the source.
  • If a lead is being imported from a file, the source can be set in the file and used.
  • If a lead was manually added by you, you can choose the source when adding the contact.
  • In Zapier, the lead source can be set manually or automatically. It's one of the fields you can set up when configuring a zap.
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