We block many connections to kvCORE from outside of the USA & Canada.  This is done for a variety of reasons including spam, system performance, and maintenance.

The most reliable way to consistently access kvCORE while outside of the USA/Canada is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  There are free VPN services but they're generally slow, unreliable, and/or require technical knowledge to install.  It's best to sign up for a subscription if you need an easy, consistent, and quick way to access kvCORE.
Most paid VPN plans are month-to-month but you can generally get a decent discount if you sign up for an entire year; it depends on your travel plans.  Most major VPN providers now support VPN access from smartphones and tablets as well.  Documentation on how to install the programs/apps can be found on the VPN's website you choose to sign up with.  In general, there are 4 steps to setup the VPN but it can vary depending on your provider:
Set up a new account with your preferred VPN and choose your subscription.

Download and install the VPN software they provide and then log in.

Choose a server based in the USA or Canada.

Hit 'Connect'.
After connecting, any webpage that you go to will think your computer is in the USA/Canada instead of the country you're actually in.  This may help with connecting to a number of other services you use as well depending on your current location.  For example, video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime can't be accessed from a number of countries due to copyright laws.  If you connect through a VPN based in the US, you won't see any restrictions in most cases.
Below are a few VPN's that we recommend for ease of use:


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