Where To Access Transactions

Transactions in kvCORE must first be connected via the Marketplace. We sync transactions from the different providers who are listed under the "Transactions & Finance" label. Before you can view any transactions, you must first connect the account you currently use that we provide support for in the Marketplace.

In your left hand navigation, select 'Transactions'  after your account(s) are connected.

Filter Search Bar

Transactions may be filtered or sorted by making a search with the Filter Search bar. You can use the filter to find a specific transaction with either the Transaction name or the Transaction Number (TXN).


All transaction details are pulled from their source. So, you would manage your transactions at the source and use your appropriate mobile apps or any tools that your transaction management system provides to update them.

When they are synced to kvCORE, the system then attempts to match any and all contact information to the information stored within kvCORE. If there are matches, then the relationships regarding who can see which transactions are updated. In some cases not all information exists at the source, and these relationships may be updated manually in the transactions list.

The relationships you may update are : Assigned Agent, Assigned Lender, and Client. No other information is editable.

Updating the agent or lender will make the transaction visible to them on their transactions page if they did not already have access.

If a transaction was originally assigned to an agent at the source, and that agent exists in kvCORE, AND you then update them within this transactions interface, it's possible that two agents may be assigned, as shown here:

(You can view transaction details by clicking on the TXN ID to the far right of each transaction in the list.)

Updating the client will add the transactions to their contact details modal, on the far right hand side.

Lastly, clicking on a transaction name will open that transaction at the source in a new tab.

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