Zillow Tech Connect allows you to automatically send all of your Zillow leads to kvCORE. ZTC can be set up on the Agent, Team, or Company level!

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Setup Zillow Tech Connect (ZTC)
Zillow Tech Connect for Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

Setup Zillow Tech Connect (ZTC)

1. Log into Premier Agent here.
2. Find your photo on the upper right and navigate to 'Settings:'

3. From the menu on the left, click 'Connect to My CRM', then click the 'Continue to Connect to My CRM' link in the middle to continue.


4. On this CRM Connect page, click 'Add Partner'.

5. Select the option for Inside Real Estate.

6. Paste your Zillow Key (aka Zillow Tech Connect ID) from your Lead Dropbox page and click 'Save'.

Note For Admins - Remember to copy the key for the exact funnel you want those leads to be delivered to - your Office, Team, or your Personal database.

For more information on lead ownership, click here.

Zillow Tech Connect for Teams

kvCORE can now easily identify when an agent has received a Zillow lead that is associated with a Team account. This verification ensures team admins/brokers have access to all team Zillow leads. When kvCORE detects that a lead was routed through Zillow Tech Connect (ZTC) Concierge, the system will also verify whether the lead is connected to a team. A given Team lead is owned by its Team and assigned to an Agent.

Leads that come through to kvCORE will show whether it is Team-owned or Agent-owned within the timeline under "system source". Even when accounts have "ownership" turned off, this information appears in the timeline.

When setting up Zillow Tech Connect on Zillow, the Broker/Admin needs to ensure they enter the correct key for themselves. They will need to enter the highest level key from kvCORE into Zillow. Single Agents (non-admin) will use their individual Zillow keys.

When setting up the lead routing rule inside of Zillow the Admin will use the highest key from kvCORE (that reflects the entity they're an admin of - Team, Office, or Company), followed by the Agent keys. This is set up on the Zillow side.

Once all keys have been entered appropriately, it's necessary to set up a lead routing rule within kvCORE, to ensure leads are routed correctly throughout the team. The only person in this rule should be the admin, to ensure "Team Zillow Tech Connect" leads, that should not be assigned to an agent, go to the admin. All agent leads will route directly to them, as assigned to their personal agent Zillow key.

How to Setup Lead Routing Rules for a Team

  • Agent A (team lead) - team key

  • Agent B - agent key

  • Agent C - agent key

  • Agent D - agent key

kvCORE Setup: Set up a lead routing rule so that any lead that hits kvCORE with no assigned Agent key gets directly routed to the team admin

All Agents MUST have their Zillow Tech Connect key plugged into their Zillow account for this to work

Please Note: Routing rules cannot be used in both systems (kvCORE and Zillow). If rules are set up on both platforms, there will be assignment issues between the two platforms. The only rule for Zillow that should exist in KvCore is the rule listed above - a routing rule containing only the admin.

For more information on setting up Company and Office ZTC routing rules, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

My leads from kvCORE are populating in Zillow and I don't want that. How can I make sure that doesn't happen?

Follow Zillow's guide for information regarding their lead parsing.

What information is brought over from Zillow to kvCORE?

The property URL the lead was looking at in Zillow will flow over to kvCORE. kvCORE will then use this information to set up a property alert for the contact. Hashtags, homeowner status, and email will also be sent to kvCORE if applicable. The contact's phone number will be retrieved and they will be opted-in to text and auto-dial within kvCORE.

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Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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