You should use Zillow Tech Connect instead of the Lead Dropbox email to send leads from Zillow to kvCORE.

Are your kvCORE leads ending up in Zillow where you don't want them?

Zillow imports leads from your email. Click here to see where it can be turned off.


Setup ZTC (Zillow Tech Connect)

1. Log into Premier Agent at
2. Find your photo on the upper right and navigate to 'Settings:'

3. In the left menu, click 'Connect to My CRM,' then click the link in the middle to continue:

 4. On this CRM Connect page, click 'Add Partner':

5. Select the option for Inside Real Estate:

 6. Paste your Zillow Key (aka Zillow Tech Connect ID) from your Lead Dropbox page and click 'Save.'

Note For Admins - remember to copy the key for the exact funnel you want those leads to be delivered to. Your Office, Team, or your Personal database.


Concierge Lead Routing
When kvCORE detects that a lead was routed through Zillow Tech Connect (ZTC) Concierge, the system will also verify whether the lead is connected to a team. If it is, the team admin will gain access. A given team lead is owned by its team, and assigned to an agent.

For more information on lead ownership, click here.

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