The use of kvCORE text communications via the Smart Number is a very handy tool for having a dialogue with you and your contacts. An important aspect of that texting capability is making sure that there are also automated replies set up in reference to providing the contact the ability to opt out from receiving text messages.

There are a few different ways regarding texts, in which kvCORE will send out a default message and/or trigger a default action when receiving specific responses from contacts. These actions are also logged within the contact timeline. This article will outline those text response scenarios so that you’re aware of what your contacts may receive.

Text Triggers and Opt-Out Scenarios

Initial Outbound Text to Contact

kvCORE requires that an opt-out be sent with the initial text that is sent via the Smart Number of which you’re connected in kvCORE.

The text will include the information that you included, as well as the following;

  • “Reply STOP to unsubscribe”

  • The system will respond to the following key-words and trigger an unsubscribe automatically;

    • STOP



    • CANCEL

    • END

    • QUIT

Automatic Text Unsubscribe Trigger

There may be instances where you receive a reply that indicates the contact no longer wants to be texted from the correspondence that you use within kvCORE in relation to the Smart Number. (Note: The Unsubscribe does not cover the use of your own personal or business use the mobile device)

kvCORE is programmed to recognize certain words or phrases to streamline the checks and balances of unsubscribing the contact from texts. First, the system will look up the number, then the system will automatically unsubscribe the contact. When this action is complete you will see a note in the contact timeline indicating they were unsubscribed.

Messages the system looks for:

  • "Stop"

  • "Off"

  • "Wrong Number"

  • "Unsubscribe"

  • "Stop Texting" or "Sending"

Or if the message contains the following:

  • "To Stop Forever"

  • "F--- You"

  • "F--- Off"

  • "Go F----"

  • Or anything less friendly

In some cases, people send nasty replies or commonly used words to indicate that you should stop texting them. kvCORE watches for these and handles them for you.

Automatic Text System Replies

The kvCORE system is also programmed to trigger an automated response to the following phrases from the Contact via the Smart Number.

  • “who are you?”

  • “who’s this?”

  • “who is this?”

  • “do I know you?”

  • "who are you?"

The response will include the following:

“{name}, {account name*}”
*The account name is the name of your brokerage/company.

After this message is sent, a note will be added to the timeline of this contact and to your recent activity.

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