Agent Accountability Settings can be used by Team or Office Administrators to set daily call task minimums for Agents to complete. These help insure Agents are logging into their CRMs daily.

Agent Accountability is set at the Office or Team level. It's a set of rules that you can set in order to help your team with their busy schedules and lives, in an intelligent way that helps ensure a high quality of service to your leads, as well as protecting your ad-spend in the face of unforeseen events.

How to Access Accountability Settings

1. Navigate to the Office or Team list and click edit for the Team or Office you wish to apply Accountability Rules to.

On the right side of the Team/Office profile there will be a 'Team/Office Settings' button. Click this to continue with the settings.

Rule Set 1 : New Lead Calls

This feature triggers phone calls from kvCORE to the Assigned Agent of any New Leads with phone numbers. This function is designed as an automated way to keep busy Agents in the loop with their new leads, without requiring a custom drip campaign or specific lead follow-up plan. As soon as contact with the new lead is positively established, the automated calls to the Agent cease.

There is no penalty for missing calls in this rule.

  1. Click the toggle to enable the rule.

  2. Specify the number of calls to initiate. (Max 9, calls come from the Smart Number.)

Rule Details

  • kvCORE will dial the Agent, provide the lead name, interest area, and price range, and then ask them to connect to the lead by pressing 1. (This is the same as the new lead phone call.)

  • kvCORE will dial the Agent the configured amount of times in the first 3 days, during business hours (this is the default and is not configurable), until they have contacted the lead, which is defined as either talking to or leaving a voicemail. The system will detect these events on the call.

  • If Agent doesn’t answer the call from kvCORE or doesn’t press 1 to connect, a note will be added to the timeline indicating the system tried to contact them.

    • Please Note: The Agent will not receive any other notification indicating that they missed a call from a new lead. They can, however, check the Team/Agent performance table in the Business Analytics section to see how they’re doing with the accountability rules, i.e. if they’re missing calls.

  • The attempts to connect to the lead will end once the Agent has contacted the lead, or if the agent logs a call for the lead as “Contacted” or “Bad Number.”

  • Attempts will also cease if the agent receives a text or email from the lead, if the lead is transferred or deleted, or the lead’s status changes from “New Lead.”

Rule Set 2 : Lead Rotation Accountability

A straightforward requirement you may establish - require an account login every x amount of days, This can be done via the web interface or the mobile app.

These rules are checked by the system every day.

When you have a large volume of business flowing through kvCORE, it's imperative that Agents are logging in daily to review their tasks, calls, etc.

  1. Use the switches to enable or disable the rules.

  2. Specify a minimum interval for the Agent to log in.

  3. Specify the minimum percentage of calls and tasks over the course of the past 30 days from when the rule is checked.

Rule Set Details

  • If either the minimum interval rule or the percentage of calls/tasks rule are violated, then the Agent will be removed from lead rotation until the first of the next calendar month.

  • The Agent, as well as their Broker/Team Admins, will receive an email when an Agent is removed from rotation, citing the rule that was violated.

  • Agents CAN be manually added back into rotation by an admin at any time.

Note: How to re-activate an Agent

1. Access the Agent's profile, by opening the Agents list from the Team/Office Profile and clicking 'Edit Member'.

2. Click the 'Settings' button.

3. Toggle off the 'Place Out of Rotation' switch.

4. Click 'Save' on the bottom left.

 Rule Set 3 : Follow Up Accountability

This rule can help you ensure a very high quality of customer service on your kvCORE website to your leads. It sends out a notification when someone's showing request or question (asked through the kvCORE website) has not been answered in a timely manner, enabling you to follow up with your Agent, or assist them by reaching out to the lead yourself. Teamwork!

  1. Click to toggle the rule on.

  2. Specify the maximum number of hours a request may go unanswered before triggering a notification.

These questions and showings made through your kvCORE website are found on each listing details page, to the right of the listing photos:

When the Agent receives them, they appear in the activity stream (on the Dashboard), and may be filtered out to find them quickly.

Rule Details

  • If the timeframe is not met, then the Agent and the account admin will receive an email letting them know the agent is not following up in the set amount of time.

  • The Agent will not be removed from rotation, even if they continually fail to meet the rule requirements.

Exclude from Accountability

You may exclude any Agents from accountability rule violations if you so choose. Begin typing their name and then select them from the drop down menu.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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