Having easy access to your MLS Listing data and quick links via the kvCORE mobile app allows you to easily work while out of the office or on the road. You are able to search for properties, email or text listings to new or current contacts, and post listings to social media all on your cell phone!

Listings Section

In the Listings section along the bottom of your app, you can find and access any listings that are active in your MLS. Remember that you will only have access to the MLS data that is currently being fed onto your kvCORE website!

TIP: To check what MLS you have feeding data to your kvCORE website, scroll to the bottom of the site and check the required MLS disclaimers.

  1. Search for listings by typing in part of an address or MLS ID. Results will filter as you type.

  2. Tap on filters to only show listings that match your criteria.

  3. Tap on any listing shown to view the details.


When any filter is applied, the button will turn green to indicate that the visible listings are filtered.

To clear or modify the filter, tap on the green filter button and use 'Clear' at the bottom or change the criteria and tap 'Update Results' instead.

Listing Details

You can easily view the listing's details and swipe through the images from your MLS or click the + icon to access sharing options.

Want to send listings to your contacts? Click here to learn how!

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