This guide will help you connect CORE BackOffice to kvCORE. It syncs your agents and offices in kvCORE with CORE BackOffice and provides an automatic sign-in (SSO) button from kvCORE to CORE BackOffice for all of your Agents. For more information about CORE BackOffice and what it offers, visit the website:

Requirements to Sync kvCORE & CORE BackOffice

  • You must have a CORE BackOffice account to sign into before proceeding.

  • You must be a company administrator.

How to Sync kvCORE & CORE BackOffice

1. Navigate to, and click on the Marketplace menu tab.

2. Locate the CORE BackOffice tile and click on 'Get This'.

3. On the following pop-up, click the sync button and sign-in to your CORE BackOffice account. Click the green 'Sync' button again at the bottom.

This may bring up the office sync screen.

Office Matching

Depending on what you have setup in BackOffice, you will choose which offices in kvCORE represent offices in CORE BackOffice.

  • If you have no offices setup in CORE BackOffice, we will create the offices for you automatically.

  • If we find offices that match, those offices will be matched automatically. (The office roster is used to determine if there is a match.)

  • If we are unable to determine which office represents which, you will select those offices on the matching screen.

  • If an office in kvCORE does not have an equivalent in CORE BackOffice, choose the 'Create Office in BackOffice' option from the selection menu.

  • You must sync all of your offices in kvCORE.

  • If you accidentally match the wrong offices, please contact Customer Support to fix it.

When you are finished matching offices, click on the green 'Sync' button in the lower left corner. Then wait for the following 2 confirmation messages.

Office Match Success:

User Sync Success:

What Agent data syncs?

  • email

  • firstName

  • lastName

  • phone

  • websiteURL

  • companyStartDate

  • dateOfBirth

  • dbaName

  • cboStatus

  • address

What to Expect Post-Sync

Once these 2 messages appear, you can close the office matching window, and close the marketplace tile you have open. Refresh your kvCORE browser window.

You will then see your new sign-in button in your left hand navigation. Each agent in your synced offices will also have a SSO button like this one to access their CORE BackOffice.

From within CORE BackOffice you can sign-in to kvCORE as well.

Transaction Integration

Transactions can be added to CORE BackOffice to plan for the disbursement of funds when the transaction is completed.

Transactions Sync

When selecting agents associated with transactions, those transactions are synced over to kvCORE for that agent. So, they can see their transactions created in CORE BackOffice in their transactions list in kvCORE.

The commission information, the source, ID, etc are all synced to your kvCORE transactions list. The source will be listed as 'Backoffice' like this one below:

Agents Sync

When adding a new agent to CORE BackOffice, you will simultaneously be adding them to your kvCORE account. Likewise, adding agents to kvCORE adds them to BackOffice automatically.

Choose their kvCORE status when adding them.

For more information on statuses, click here

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