Seller leads have their own kind of status in Kunversion+. By and large, they are the same as a regular buyer lead, apart from having additional information in their profile regarding the property they tried to value on the sell page of your K+ website.

You can find them quickly by navigating to the Seller Leads section in your left hand navigation:

A seller lead is obtained when these potential sellers fill in their contact information via the sell page on your website.  

If they never fill in their contact information, a valuation attempt is created instead of a seller lead.

Nobody will really visit the sell page unless you direct them to, or unless you advertise/post that page. That being said, it's always a good idea to find possible sellers within the buyer leads that you generate. Direct them to the sell page appropriately (perhaps via a drip campaign) and you'll find it's one of the easier ways to get listings.

That seller information is found at the bottom of the contacts' profile tab. 

Click on Seller Leads, then click on a name in the list, click on their profile tab:

Then scroll down to the bottom to 'Seller Information.'


Address, City, State, Zip, Beds, Baths, Sqr Ft - Entered by the contact on the sell page

Estimated Value - Generated by the system. This is shown to the contact but not emailed to them.

Date Checked - Date the estimated value was generated.

Send Monthly Valuation Toggle - enables or disables the seller monthly valuation email. It sends an estimated value and clearly states it's auto-generated, and also includes similar listings based on square footage and area. So, if you notice any seller leads visiting properties on your website who signed up awhile ago, that is probably why!

The value generated by the sell page can be accurate sometimes, and inaccurate other times. We use a third party data source to generate valuations and a download report for the potential seller lead if they submit their information. If the third party fails to provide any information, we will utilize a Zillow valuation instead.

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