Specifically, the Smart Number is a VOIP phone number that is connected to your kvCORE database.

This means that it knows everything that is connected to your kvCORE account. 

It knows:

  • Your cellphone number, and the cellphones of the other users in your office/account.
  • Your contacts' phone numbers.
  • Your office numbers.
  • Which contacts/leads belong to whom.
  • Who contacted which contact last.
  • What auto-communications went to which contact last.

We use the Smart Number for our dialer system, as well as to send & receive texts to and from leads/contacts.

You will get text messages from the Smart Number:

  • If you get a new lead, and Lead Routing is set to notify you of your new lead (don't forget to open the link! Shown in the graphic below.)
  • If a lead sends you a text, it is forwarded to you from the Smart Number. You will see the message but should reply via kvCORE so the lead gets the reply from the same number they texted. In the graphic below you can see that the Smart Number is telling you their name, number, and the message they sent.
  • If you create a custom text code, and the text lead sends it to your Smart Number, you will be forwarded the information as if one of your leads texted you.
  • "Your text to kvCORE will not be delivered. Please use kvCORE, the kvCORE mobile app or text your contact directly to respond." - You will see this message if the phone number in your agent profile matches the phone number you are texting from. When you add yourself as a text lead you're not considering this, but what it boils down to is that kvCORE cannot text itself! If you have a test lead, we recommend setting it up with its own cell phone number that can receive your texts.


Where do my contacts see this Smart Number?

  • If you are calling your contact from within the kvCORE dashboard on your computer, it is basically a three way call, and the Smart Number displays to your contact when you are calling them.Note: If you are initiating calls from the mobile app dialer, your cell phone is used to call your contacts directly. Therefore, you cell number will be displayed instead of your smart number.
  • If your contact visits your kvCORE website, they may see the Smart Number on it.
  • If you are using custom text codes in the future, your leads will be sending texts to the Smart Number.
  • If your smart campaign has text messages in it, those texts are sent to the lead from the Smart Number.
  • If you text your leads/contacts via kvCORE, those texts are sent to them from the Smart Number.

What happens if someone calls the Smart Number for my team or office?

  • If the person calling in is NOT in kvCORE as a contact/lead then the call is forwarded according to the settings of the Smart Number, controlled by an admin.These calls can be made to forward to a receptionist, a group of agents, or a single agent, or even round robin to all agents. It's configured by the Administrator.
  • If the person calling in IS a contact/lead in kvCORE, several checks happen to determine where to forward that person's call, in the case of duplicate leads.First, the system will try to route it to the Agent who made the most recent call or text in the last 90 days.If no calls or texts have been made in the last 90 days, then the call will route to the agent with the most recent outbound activity to the contact (including emails, search alerts, etc.)If there is no recent agent activity for the inbound number whatsoever, then kvCORE will create a new tracked call lead and route the call according to the smart number’s routing rules..
  • When an inbound call is forwarded to you from your smart number, the number shown on your phone will be the number of the person calling in. 

What's the Difference between a Personal Smart Number and a Shared Smart Number?

  • A Personal Smart Number is purchased on an individual level in your Marketplace and belongs to that individual so that if any lead calls the personal Smart Number they will be directed to the Agent that owns that Smart Number.
  • A Shared Smart Number is most likely provided to you from your Office or Team that you as an agent are a part of. This follows the routing rules of that Office or Team and New leads that Call this Shared Smart Number will be routed accordingly.

I am on a team and an office. I have more than one Smart Number! Which one is used?

  • If you navigate to your lead engine > call capture settings, you'll see your smart number being used.
  • When you use kvCORE, the most specific Smart Number is used to communicate with your contacts.The hierarchy is Office > Team > Agent. So, if you have an Office and a Team number, the TEAM number is used. (A Team is more specific than an office.)

How does the Smart Number work with Lead Routing?

  • The Smart Number can only deliver calls. It cannot decide who gets what lead.
  • Lead Routing determines who a lead should go to, then the lead is delivered with the Smart Number.
  • When a new lead is generated in some way, through a lead funnel or from the website, the registration goes straight to lead routing.
  • Phone calls from unknown numbers are the only thing that gets 'routed' according to the settings of the Smart Number.An unknown phone call is not a newly generated lead, it is simply a call from a phone number that kvCORE does not know yet.Only custom text codes can generate text leads via the Smart Number. Text messages are not phone calls.

What is Call Recording on a Smart Number?

When you change the Smart Number settings as an Admin, you can opt to enable call recording. 

Be sure to read the disclaimer thoroughly!


When this is enabled, call recordings will be accessible in the Contact's timeline from the dashboard:


Clicking on the listen link will open/download the recording on your computer/device.

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