What is Lead Privacy?

In kvCORE, you can configure Lead Privacy if your kvCORE brokerage account has the setting enabled. The owner of your company's kvCORE account determines if privacy is enabled during the setup process.

Company Admins Please Note: In order for privacy to work, lead duplication must also be enabled. For more questions please reach out to your Account Manager for assistance.

If the Lead Privacy setting is enabled, any Administrators above your access level in the system will not have access to your leads' details or the ability to modify them in the system.

(What an Admin sees when viewing a list that contains a private lead.)

The Admin can see all of the basic information in the Smart CRM list, such as interest, price, status, owner, etc., however, they will not be able to open the contact record, change any settings within it, rate it, call/text/email it. The Admins will only see that the "Name" is "Private Lead" followed by the Leads' ID in the system.

Team Lead Privacy

Lead privacy can be enabled by Team Admins, for the leads that are owned by the Team, or by individual agents for the leads that they own.

How to Turn Lead Privacy On in Your Account

Navigate to your profile from the dropdown menu. Then select 'Settings' from the right-hand side. Toggle on 'Make Contacts Private'.

TIP: If you're a member of a Team and they allow lead privacy, you can select 'Hide Contacts from Team(s)' to enable privacy from your Team Admins.

How to Turn Off Lead Privacy For a Single Contact

There are some situations in which you may want to share select contacts with your Admin. If desired, you can disable privacy on specific contacts.

To disable Lead Privacy from a single contact first go to the contact profile. Then, select 'More Actions' on the far right and choose 'Make Contact Visible.'

Frequently Asked Questions

I had lead privacy turned on in the past but I've turned it off. Will my Admin be able to see all of my leads now?

Yes and no. Your Admins will be able to see all of the new contacts that are added to your system. However, the leads that were previously marked 'Private' will still be private from your Admin.

Why don't I have the option to make my leads private?

Lead privacy is a setting determined by your brokerage. Essentially it's decided if private leads are allowed by your Broker. This means that if you do not have the option it's best to talk to your Broker about why.

I get leads assigned to me by my Team, Office, or Company. Can my admins still see these?

Yes. Only leads you are the owner of are eligible to be made private.

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