Scheduling mass emails not only can save you time but can give you the opportunity to market yourself time and again to your contacts. If you plan on mass emailing a group of people for an event holiday, or just because, you can queue it up to send automatically at a specific date/time.

Please Note: At this time only emails can be scheduled to be sent in the future. Occasionally, you may see a delay in their delivery depending on the volume of your scheduled mass email and the capacity of the email servers at any given moment.

To get started click on the Marketing tab from the main navigation on the left side. Then, click into the Scheduled Mass Emails tile.

This control panel will list all of your scheduled emails. Click on the green '+ Schedule Email' button on the upper right.

This will open the interface to set all of your scheduling and content for the planned mass email.

Section 1 - Recipients

  1. Send Matching Criteria from saved Filter: This will send the email to all the contacts that match a saved filter.

  2. Contacts with Hashtag: This will send the email to all the contacts that match a specific hashtag.

  3. Send to Contacts with Status: This will send the email to all the contacts of a specific status: Sphere, Prospect, New Lead, Active Lead, Client, Contract, Closed, Archived.

  4. Scope: Limits the recipients to only those owned by the entity selected. Typically only Admins will use a scope.

  5. Send to Private Leads: You can choose whether or not to include contacts in this email that are private. Typically only admins will use this setting.

Section 2 - Time & Date To Send

In this section, specify when exactly you want the email to go out. The timezone will be indicated to the right of the list, which may be different than the timezone you're intending. 

Section 3 - Email Contents

Here is where you will enter the content of the email itself. It's like many of the email interfaces you have seen in kvCORE already.

  1. Template: If you want to use one of your own templates you may select it from this list.

  2. Email Subject: If you use a template a subject should be included! You can always update the subject line to whatever you please.

  3. Message Body: You can write whatever you like for your email body. TIP: Use Merge Tags here to personalize it

  4. Preview: This will show you how the message will appear if you are using any special formatting or markup.

  5. Include Agent Signature: This will include your email signature as specified in your profile. 

    1. If you are an Admin you have the option to include the assigned agent signature. You can enable this by toggling the setting on.

Click on the blue 'Schedule' button at the bottom left, and your future email will appear in the list where you can edit it, delete it, and also see the estimated number of contacts that it should be sent to, provided the filtered list does not change.

Additionally, anytime a client replies to an email sent through the feature, the response will be noted in the contact’s timeline.

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If you have any trouble or need assistance, please reach out to Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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