There are times, when using the kvCORE mobile app, that you may need to filter listings and would like to use the Draw on Map feature. To use the Draw on Map feature within the app:

1. Log in to the kvCORE mobile app.

2. Tap on 'Listings' at the bottom.

3. Tap 'Filter' on the top right.

4. Tap on 'Draw on Map'.

5. The mobile app might ask permission to use your location. Choose whichever option you're most comfortable with.

TIP: Allowing the app to use your location will make it possible for the app to automatically zoom to your location which makes it easier for you to navigate to the correct area.

6. Tap 'Start Drawing' in the top right corner.

7. Draw your desired boundary around the chosen area.

8. Tap 'Stop Drawing' in the top right corner.

9. Tap 'Use Area' at the bottom.

10. Continue choosing any other search criteria from the available options.

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