Prewritten scripts are super helpful when trying to record voicemail templates, whether you stick to exactly what is written or just need to get your main points in order.

They can be used to record one-off messages that you send to specific types of contacts or scripts can be more generic, applicable to most leads as they move through your pipeline.

Whatever the reason, if you are stuck on trying to write your own voicemail message or want inspiration for where you should start the below list of premade scripts will help you jumpstart your use of CORE Voicemail Drop!

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Past Buyer Client Scripts

All of these scripts can be used within a Smart Campaign as a Voicemail touch or be manually sent to individual contacts on an as-needed basis.

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Feel free to adjust the scripts to match the leads in your market or edit the sentences to sound more natural for you.

Please Note: These scripts are directed towards past buyer clients since most sellers turn into buyers, but if you would like to create a second Smart Campaign for closed sellers feel free to do so and use the below scripts as inspiration for your seller-focused scripts.

Closed Contact - 1 Month Check-In

Purpose: To continue building on the agent/client relationship post-close.

Smart Campaign: Default Closed. Set this action to send on 'Day 30'.

Script: "Hello, It's [agent name] from [brokerage name] just doing a quick check-in to see how you're doing with the new home. I appreciated the opportunity to help you and your family find a great property so if there's anything I can continue to help with let me know! You can call or text me anytime at [agent number]; talk soon!"

Why It Works: This script confirms that you are still available as an expert in the industry and avoids the abrupt drop off that often occurs once real estate agents are done with a transaction, making it more likely that they will refer others to you in the future.

Closed Contact - 6 Month Check-In

Purpose: To encourage past clients to continue engaging with you and keep you top of mind.

Smart Campaign: Default Closed. Set this action to send on 'Day 180'.

Script: "Hello again, it's [agent name] checking in to see how you and your family have settled in at your new home! I have a short list of tips for new home buyers, so call or text me at [agent number] if you're interested in seeing those. I love to keep in touch with my past clients and am available if you need help with anything. Talk to you soon!"

TIP: It is a good idea to keep a list of buyer and seller tips handy that cover home improvement, home décor, and/or general finance information. You can easily create a list by performing a generic Google search or by using resources your brokerage already offers and you can add this as an automatic email touch in the Smart Campaign too. You might also consider adding these tips to your kvCORE website as a blog post.

In order to learn more about blogging, click here.

Why It Works: This script not only builds on your existing rapport with the past client, but it also shows that you can provide value to them post-close. Even if they rarely respond, you are keeping yourself top of mind for a referral opportunity in the future.

Closed Contact - 9 Month Check-In

Purpose: To gently ask for a referral in line with the other touches in the Smart Campaign.

Smart Campaign: Default Closed. Set this action to send on 'Day 270'.

Script: "Hi, it's [agent name] leaving a little message. I can't believe it's almost been a year in your new home! Let me know how it's been when you have time or if I can help in any way. I'm also always available for consultations, so if you know any friends, family, or even coworkers who might be looking to buy or sell send them my way! Thanks in advance!"

TIP: Remember to remove this voicemail touch from the contact's record under Future Touches if you have recently talked to them about a referral.

Why It Works: While you know the goal of this voicemail is to encourage referrals, it keeps the main focus on them and their new home which will make them comfortable enough to refer family and friends to you instead of feeling like a referral mine and closing down.

Closed Contact - 1 Year Check-In

Purpose: Keep yourself top of mind with your past clients and strengthen the agent/client relationship you began a year ago.

Smart Campaign: Default Closed. Set this action to send on 'Day 365'.

Script: "Hello, it's [agent name] just calling to wish you a "Happy Housiversary"! Can you believe it's been a full year since you bought your house? I'll be dropping off a little surprise sometime this week as a thank you for choosing me as your real estate agent last year and feel free to call or text me if you need me for any reason at all. Here's to another great year of home owning!"

TIP: A small gift for your past clients on their first year anniversary of home owning, especially for new home buyers, goes a long way to keeping yourself ingratiated with them moving forward. It can be as small as a simple thank you/congratulations note or gift card to a large gift basket or home décor piece. If you cannot drop it off in person, change the voicemail to say "...keep an eye on your mailbox for a little surprise..."

Why It Works: It is almost impossible to ignore congratulations and gifts on any major achievement so this is one of the best ways to keep that engagement going or encourage them to reach out to you if they have been quiet for awhile.

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If you have any trouble recording messages with CORE Voicemail Drop or have a request for an example script for a specific situation, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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