Prewritten scripts are super helpful when trying to record voicemail templates, whether you stick to exactly what is written or just need to get your main points in order.

They can be used to record one-off messages that you send to specific types of contacts or scripts can be more generic, applicable to most leads as they move through your pipeline.

Whatever the reason, if you are stuck on trying to write your own voicemail message or want inspiration for where you should start the below list of premade scripts will help you jumpstart your use of CORE Voicemail Drop!

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Lender Scripts

Lender users can also purchase CORE Voicemail Drop from kvCORE's Marketplace and there are a few scripts available for them as well.

Most of these scripts can be used within a Smart Campaign as a Voicemail touch or be manually sent to individual contacts on an as-needed basis.

For more information on using CORE Voicemail Drop with smart campaigns, click here.

Feel free to adjust the scripts to match the leads in your market or edit the sentences to sound more natural for you.

New Buyer Lead Script #1

Purpose: To engage with new leads immediately and introduce yourself.

Smart Campaign: Default Lender Campaign. Set this action to send on 'Day 365'.

Script: "Hello, this is [lender name] at [company name] and I work closely with [agent name] at [brokerage name]. After speaking with them, I wanted to reach out and offer my mortgage pre-approval services. I've worked with all types of credit scores and financial situations, so if you have any questions about your particular circumstances or getting pre-approved in general feel free to call or text me at [lender phone] anytime. I look forward to connecting with you!"

TIP: Working closely with your agent partner(s) will contribute to this voicemail and other touches you have scheduled to send to new leads so it is a good idea to sit down and work out an appropriate timeframe to send this voicemail. Having a weekly meeting to review lead activity is also beneficial.

Why It Works: This script quickly informs the lead of who you are, invites them to communicate with you without coming off too pushy or overbearing, and uses a positioning statement to pre-qualify you as a great fit for their needs.

New Buyer Lead Script #2

Purpose: To incentivize the lead to communicate with you as their finance expert.

Smart Campaign: Default Lender Campaign. Set this action to send on 'Day 20'.

Script: "Hello, this is [lender name] at [company name] reaching out to you again regarding your mortgage needs. I've gathered a few mortgage tips and insights on getting pre-approved that I'm sure you'll be interested in so look out for that email from me. As always, if you have any questions about mortgages or getting pre-approved feel free to call or text me at [lender phone] anytime. I look forward to speaking with you soon!"

TIP: It is a good idea to keep a short list of mortgage, pre-approval, and/or finance tips handy. You can easily create a list by performing a generic Google search or by using resources your company already offers and you can add this as an automatic email touch in the Smart Campaign too.

Why It Works: This script shows the lead the value you bring to the transaction even before sitting down with them and subconsciously obligates them to respond since you have already put forth effort on their behalf.

For agent-specific, buyer and seller scripts, click here.

For agent-specific, past client scripts, click here.

If you have any trouble recording messages with CORE Voicemail Drop or have a request for an example script for a specific situation, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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