A playbook is a collection of tactics or methods that simplify an action, sort of like a best practice to-do list. It often just describes a documented, step-by-step process related to a repeatable task.

kvCORE's 'Gather Your Sphere' playbook, however, is much more! It acts as a wizard that takes you through a curated set of activities to streamline the SOI import process and combines different tools within kvCORE to work for you.

This playbook is designed to help Agents get their sphere into the CRM, organize their sphere into actionable lists, and set their sphere up to be automatically nurtured by the CRM. After completing this playbook, Agents will have a well-organized sphere that they can use to start the "Work Your Sphere" playbook and turn sphere leads into active leads.

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Using This Playbook

Starting a New Playbook

Play #1 - Import Your Sphere Contacts

Play #2 - Capture Social Media Sphere

Play #3 - Create Sphere Contact Hashtags

Play #4 - Move Contacts Into Sphere Groups

Play #5 - Set Up Contacts Behavior Alerts

Play #6 - Send Messages For Upcoming Events

Play #7 - Work Your Sphere Contacts

Using This Playbook

The playbook for gathering your sphere contains 7 plays, analytics tracking, and a list of automatically created assets for you to use when compiling and organizing your SOI.

While you can choose which plays to follow and which to skip, the best practice is to leverage all 7 plays.

When you first log into your kvCORE and land on the Dashboard, you will see the playbooks available for use above your activity stream.

Clicking on the white 'Gather Your Sphere' button will open up the playbook library where you can begin your playbook, revisit your playbook, or continue the current playbook.

Starting a New Playbook

To begin this playbook and Gather Your Sphere you can begin by clicking the green 'Open the Playbook' button on the top right.

This will open the playbook and show you the suggested plays one by one.

The 7 plays are organized into 3 categories:

  1. Import Sphere Contacts: Plays 1-2

  2. Create Sphere Groups: Plays 3-4

  3. Alerts & Automation: Plays 5-7

To mark a play done or skip the play click the corresponding button at the top right.

Play #1 - Import Your Sphere Contacts

The first step in gathering your sphere is to get them imported into your kvCORE Smart CRM.

Play #1 makes this easy by providing a direct link to import your CSV with the help of InsideRE's Lead Configuration Team, or you can do a DIY import. Use the bulk import tool to import a list of contacts. If you have already imported your contacts, simply mark this play as 'Done' with the green button on the top right.

For more information on importing contacts and an example CSV file, click here.

Play #2 - Capture Social Media Sphere

The second step is to create a Market Report Squeeze Page and Home Valuation Landing Page to post on social media.

Please Note: All New Leads that are created using the Gather Your Sphere Market Report or Landing Page will be assigned #GatherSpherePlaybook. This hashtag is locked and cannot be removed.

Market Report Squeeze Page

Select the area and post directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest from the playbook. You can also copy the link to post on other social media sites.

To learn more about Market Report Squeeze Pages, click here.

Area: Select the area you would like to be the focus of the Market Report Squeeze Page.

Link: Copy this link to post on social media.

Hashtag: #GatherSpherePlaybook will automatically be applied. You can also add a specific hashtag you'd like added to these contacts using the blue 'Add' hyperlink.

Social Media Buttons: Post directly to Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

To edit the source of the contacts who are added using this Market Report Squeeze Page you can click the 'Edit Settings' button.

A popup will appear allowing you to update the source and add additional hashtags.

Home Valuation Landing Page

Create a Home Valuation Landing Page by selecting your domain from the dropdown menu, and post to social media using the link or Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest buttons.

To learn more about Landing Pages, click here.

Domain: As an Agent, you will only have the option to select your kvCORE website. Admins Please Note: You can select any domains that fall under your entity. However, If this is not your website, leads coming in will go through lead routing and may not appear in your results.

Link: Copy this link to post on social media.

Hashtag: #GatherSpherePlaybook will automatically be applied.

Social Media Buttons: Post directly to Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

You can update the Landing Page background image by clicking the 'Edit Settings' button. Then select 'Background' on the top left.

Play #3 - Create Sphere Contact Hashtags

Organize your sphere into actionable groups. You will use these groups in the "Work Your Sphere" playbook to help you build unique action plans for each group.

First, create hashtags for your sphere contacts by giving each group a name. InsideRE recommends groupings based on life events (e.g., recently divorced) or people from your life (e.g., friends and family).

You can add your own hashtags or use the hashtags that are automatically filled in! If you prefer not to use the automatic hashtags use the little 'x' to the right of the hashtag to remove it from the list.

Play #4 - Move Contacts Into Sphere Groups

Now that you've imported your contacts and created the sphere contact hashtags you can assign contacts to the hashtag that they would fall under (e.g. Friends&Family).

You can add individual contact, or a group by using an existing hashtag. You can also add a new contact manually using the '+ Add New Contact' link on the right side.

To do this for each sphere hashtag you've created fill in the information and click 'Next Hashtag' on the bottom. Once complete select 'Save & Continue'.

Play #5 - Set Up Contacts Behavior Alerts

Set up your behavioral automation alerts based on contact type and behaviors. Behavior alerts are automatic communications sent to your contacts when they perform specific behaviors on your site. These alerts drive engagement and help keep you top of mind with your clients. Inside Real Estate does not recommend changing the default settings on behavioral alerts.

When a user performs the 'Behavior' identified in the 'Behaviors' table, the system sends them the text message for that behavior. If they do not have a phone number, the system will send them the related e-mail.

To learn more about behavioral automation, click here.

Play #6 - Send Messages For Upcoming Events

Birthday emails/texts are automated messages sent to contacts on their birthday, and purchase anniversary communications are sent to contacts in celebration of closed deals. Play #6 allows you to select lead statuses for birthday messages and purchase anniversaries. When a status is toggled on, all the leads of this status will receive an annual automated birthday message and purchase anniversary message if applicable.

Customize messages further by clicking 'Change Template.' The system defaults to sending a text. If a contact unsubscribes from texts or no phone number is on file, the system will send an email.

For more information on email and text templates, click here.

For more information on birthday and purchase anniversary communications and settings, click here.

When looking at the Gather Your Sphere playbook you can see how many added contacts have birthdays or purchase anniversaries within the next 30 days. Simply click the link to open the list.

Play #7 - Work Your Sphere Contacts

Now that the stage is set, start working your sphere by opening the next Playbook. The Work Your Sphere playbook is designed to walk you through some best practices and keep you on track building relationships with contacts into clients.

This includes:

  • Set goals and time aside to do the work

  • Send targeted messages

  • Dial specific lists

  • Post relavant content

  • And more

Click the green 'Work your Sphere' button to automatically open up the next playbook.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while using a playbook, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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