A playbook is a collection of tactics or methods that simplify an action - like a best practice to-do list. It often describes a documented, step-by-step process related to a repeatable task.

Playbooks give Agents the ability to get into kvCORE, and then within this action, have a list of all the features kvCORE has to support them in their journey. Playbooks were created to simplify the user experience, make it easier for new Agents to begin using the platform, and understand how to be a successful real estate Agent using kvCORE.

Promote a Listing

The first playbook released by Inside Real Estate is the "Promote a Listing" playbook which acts as a wizard that takes you through a curated set of activities to streamline the listing promotion process and combines different tools within kvCORE to work for you. A series of simple but powerful actions that help you market your listings effectively and leverage them to generate more business.

To learn more about the "Promote a Listing" playbook, click here.

Coming soon: two new playbooks are being introduced for the InsideRE Fall '21 Release.

Gather Your Sphere

The "Gather Your Sphere" playbook centers around importing your sphere to your Smart CRM, organizing your sphere into actionable lists, and getting automated nurturing set up for your SOI. This playbook teaches you how to utilize hashtags to create sphere groups (e.g. Friends & Family, or Neighbors). This will help you take those sphere groups and create action plans that are catered towards each of those specific groups. After completing this playbook, Agents will have a well-organized sphere that they can use to start the "Work Your Sphere" playbook and turn Sphere leads into Active Leads.

Work Your Sphere

This playbook leverages the actionable sphere hashtags you set up in the “Gather Your Sphere” playbook and gives you the tools you need to convert sphere contacts from leads to Clients. Using these plays, you’ll update detail gaps in your sphere contacts, set up sphere contacts with automated reports, and regularly reinforce critical Agent-contact communications. This playbook also lets Agents set up life events for dialer lists, newsletter scheduling, and social media posts, providing the tools Agents need to nurture all the contacts in your sphere more effectively.

All playbooks also have a section to review the results as well as a quicksheet containing the links generated during the playbook (such as Landing Page or Squeeze Page links).

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while using a playbook, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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