Lead/Contact Ownership Between Agents And Entities

Contacts are 'owned' and 'assigned.' The owner of the contact is determined when it is created. The assigned agent of a contact is determined through lead routing.  Please read about lead ownership if you are unfamiliar with this feature.

Ownership cannot be taken, it can only be given away.

When merging two contacts, it's not possible for the person who is merging the contacts to 'take' ownership of a contact they do not own. They can only give ownership away.

In other words, if I am an agent, and I have a contact that I own,  and want to merge it with a contact owned by my office or team, the resulting merged contact will be owned by the office or team. If I am an office admin, and my office owns a contact, and I want to merge it with a contact that is owned by an agent, the agent will own the resulting merged contact.

To put it simply, if you are merging with a contact owned by another party, the other party retains ownership of the merged contact.

Contacts that are owned by two different Teams/Offices/Companies may not be merged. They either both need to be owned by the same entity, or agent & entity.

Tip: In your Smart CRM you can preview ownership before deciding how you want to merge. Just enable the 'Owned By' column using the 'Columns' menu in the top right corner of the contacts table.

Lead/Contact Assignment

Two contacts that are assigned to two different agents can be merged by an admin. If the two contacts are owned by the entity the admin manages, then they will retain ownership, but kvCORE will ask the admin to select the agent to assign the merged contact to.

Primary Contact Selection

Users will be prompted to select which of the merging contacts will act as the primary contact. In cases where there is an ownership conflict, this primary contact will always be the contact owned by the other party. This contact will inherit data from the others. This contact will retain all of its own data (name, email, active campaigns, etc).

New Lead Timeline Records

The merge feature adds the following records to the merged contact's timeline:

  • Merged Note: Name, ID, Owner, email, phone, hashtags, active campaign(s), contact info, source, etc.
  • Timeline Events: Communications, Property Views/Saves, and other activity.
  • Campaigns: A note appears in timeline when Active Campaigns are stopped

How To Merge

First, open a contact you want to merge with another one, and click the 'More Actions' menu on the right hand side, then click merge.

Using the drop down menu in the pop-up, search for the contact you want to be the primary contact. Meaning, the contact that you are currently looking at, will have its info sent over to the primary contact, to form the merged contact. The primary contact you select from this drop down menu will retain the name, email, and other critical information, while all of the timeline and activity data from the contact you are looking at merging will be added to the primary contact's timeline.  

A preview of what will happen will be displayed on the pop up before you actually complete the merge.

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