dashCMA is a modern pricing tool that helps real estate agents win more listings and secure more accepted offers by encouraging simple yet compelling pricing discussions with buyers and sellers.

dashCMA simplifies the process of creating and presenting a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) by showcasing key data points in an easy-to-understand, interactive format that drastically cuts down on the time needed to create a CMA.

Traditionally, CMA products have an overwhelming amount of unstructured details and instead of educating your clients, they often leave them more confused about home pricing. dashCMA structures the most pertinent data into a simple yet comprehensive dashboard and shareable PDF that facilitates pricing conversations, establishes trust, and makes decisions easier for both you and your clients.

TIP: For a comprehensive training on how to successfully use dashCMA, please complete the 'dashCMA Agent Quick Start' course in the CORE Learning Portal.

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Accessing dashCMA

Using dashCMA in kvCORE

Accessing dashCMA

If you are a standalone dashCMA user, meaning you do not have a subscription through kvCORE, you will need to log in at app.dashcma.com.

If your dashCMA subscription is tied to a kvCORE account, you need to click on the DashCMA tab to the left of your kvCORE account instead of going to the login URL above.

You may also log into dashCMA by clicking on the kvCORE button at the top of the login page.

You will then need to authorize dashCMA to access your kvCORE account.

Please Note: At this time, dashCMA is only available for Canadian users who are members of TREB.

Using dashCMA

Once in dashCMA, you will see the CMA builder on your main dashboard and can now build a CMA report.

1. Enter the property address you wish to build a report for and click the orange "Next" button.

TIP: This is called the 'subject property' throughout the dashCMA platform.

2. Review and adjust the property's public tax data as needed, and click "Find Comparables".

3. Review and adjust the search criteria for comparable properties on the left as needed.

TIP: To learn more about this step, click here.

4. Click the orange "Build CMA" button in the bottom right corner.

5. Add or remove the matching MLS property results by adjusting properties under the 'Review Results' section at the top of CMA's price range.

6. Add additional items to feature in the CMA by choosing from the options in the 'Trends', 'Features', 'Estimates', and 'Outliers' sections at the top.

TIP: To learn more about this step, click here.

7. Scroll down and enter in your Client's Name in that field and click the orange "Add Client" button.

8. Choose one of the options that appears in order to share the CMA report with your client for their consideration.

TIP: If you click on "Interactive Link" you can easily email your Client (and anyone else involved in the decision making process) a link to the CMA report that allows them to click on and interact with the data displayed in the report.

dashCMA will also track that activity so you know what they are most interested in and can follow up with them appropriately to win the listing.

You will be immediately notified once your Client has finished reviewing the CMA report as well.

Using dashCMA In kvCORE

If you have dashCMA through kvCORE you have the option to build CMA reports straight from a contact's record in your Smart CRM instead of entering an address from scratch each time.

  1. Log into your kvCORE account.

  2. Navigate to the Smart CRM tab to the left.

  3. Search for the desired contact and click on their name.

  4. Click on the "DashCMA" button in the top right.

This will take you straight into your dashCMA account and auto-fill the address information into the applicable fields.

Please Note: In order for this to work successfully there must be an address in the 'Primary Address' area under the 'More Details' section to the left of the contact's record in kvCORE.

Once you send their valuation report via dashCMA a note will appear in the contact's Timeline with the date and time the report was sent.

For more information on dashCMA, click here.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while logging into dashCMA or building a report, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing support@insiderealestate.com!

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