If you have a standalone dashCMA account you will need to complete the setup of your dashCMA profile.

TIP: If you have dashCMA through kvCORE all of your profile settings will auto-fill with the information from your kvCORE profile. You can still adjust the information in your dashCMA profile, however, to be different from kvCORE as needed. If there are blank fields in your kvCORE profile, those fields will also be blank in dashCMA.

Your settings section is made up of the below items:

  1. Profile Picture

  2. First Name/Last Name

  3. Email

  4. Phone Number

  5. Subheader 1/Subheader 2

  6. Company Name

  7. Company Logo

  8. Team Logo

  9. PDF Upload/Include or exclude PDF

  10. Print-out Color

  11. Address Line 1/Address Line 2/City/State/Zip Code

  12. Website

As a standalone dashCMA user, only your name, email, and phone number will be pre-filled for you, so you must fill out the rest of the fields in order to have them display in your printable PDF report and on the interactive webpage version of the CMA report.

To do that, simply log into your dashCMA account and click into the 'Settings' section to the left.

There you will see a lit of all the profile settings available in dashCMA that pull into your CMA reports.

Article Sections

dashCMA Settings

Profile Picture, Contact Info, & Website


Company Name

Company & Team Logos

PDF Upload & Include/Exclude Option

Print-Out Color

Business Address

dashCMA Settings

Each setting will display on either the interactive webpage or the printable PDF with a few settings appearing on both.

Profile Picture, Contact Info, & Website

Your profile picture, name, email, phone number, and website will all appear on the left of the interactive webpage.

This information will appear on the first page of the printable PDF report too.

You will also see it displayed along the bottom of each subsequent page within the printable PDF.

TIP: If you have dashCMA with kvCORE remember to check that your kvCORE subdomain is in the website field in dashCMA so your potential clients have more opportunities to engage with you!


The 'Subheader 1' and 'Subheader 2' fields will display on the printable PDF version of your CMA report.

These are great fields for including any designations you may have, like REALTOR® or GREEN from NAR. To learn more about becoming GREEN certified by NAR, click here.

Company Name

Your company or brokerage name will appear on the left of the interactive webpage only.

TIP: If you have dashCMA through kvCORE your Company Name will auto-fill from whatever your Admin has set as your Office Name in kvCORE. While you are able to change this in your dashCMA profile, it is not advised since there may be certain legalities surrounding the proper business name.

Company & Team Logos

Your Company logo will appear on both versions of the CMA report. It displays to the left of the interactive webpage and on the front page of the printable PDF.

Your Team logo will only appear on the printable PDF version next to the Company logo on the front page.

Both display at the top of each subsequent page of the printable PDF report as well.

PDF Upload & Include/Exclude Option

If you are legally required to include any disclaimers or additional information when disseminating real estate information, you can easily create and upload a PDF containing that information and have dashCMA automatically email it to any clients you send a CMA report to.

If you are not in an area that requires additional discourses or have a reason to not send the PDF with a particular client's CMA, you can choose to 'Exclude in PDF report' from the drop-down selector prior to sending a report.

If your brokerage has a main branding color, you can use this option to change the printable PDF report's orange color to match the company branding throughout the report.

Please Note: If you have dashCMA through kvCORE this will not automatically pull in your custom website color if you have set one in your website settings.

Business Address

Your company or business address will only display on the front page of the printable PDF version of your CMA report.

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