If you are looking to increase your value as a listing agent to potential and current Sellers, CORE PropertyBoost is a fantastic addition to your listing presentation repertoire!

It offers an easy way to market new listings on Facebook, keep your Seller Clients up to date with your marketing efforts for their property, and increase your chances at winning new listings.

CORE PropertyBoost automatically generates a targeted Facebook ad campaign for each boosted listing to get maximum exposure. This helps impress Sellers, generate demand in that first critical week when the listing hits the market, and ultimately sell listings faster.

You can also choose to have CORE PropertyBoost automatically generate traffic reports and send an email to both you and your Seller Client, streamlining your communication process and ensuring your Seller is aware of their property's marketing results.

CORE PropertyBoost At A Glance

To get started, you will need to purchase your first CORE PropertyBoost in order to activate it within your CORE ListingMachine account. Once you have boosted your first listing, you will be able to access a CORE PropertyBoost dashboard and purchase additional boosts at any time.

TIP: If you have CORE ListingMachine through kvCORE, it is strongly recommended to boost listings through kvCORE and not CORE ListingMachine.

Purchase via Homepage:

1. Choose the active listing you would like to boost and click on the Action button to the right.

2. Click PropertyBoost from the drop-down.

3. Click Login from the CORE PropertyBoost page you're redirected to.

TIP: If you simply want to access your CORE PropertyBoost dashboard and do not need to purchase a new boost, use the above method.

Purchase via Listing Details Page

If you click the green 'View' button from your homepage you will see a green 'Core PropertyBoost' button to the right.

Purchase via Posted Tour Email:

At the top of the Property Tour Site email notification, there is a banner for CORE PropertyBoost that you can click on, which is the same as the dashboard link.

Using any one of these methods will take you to the CORE PropertyBoost website where you can then enter a property address and get a listing boosted immediately.

To access your CORE PropertyBoost dashboard once you have boosted your first listing, simply use one of the above methods.

For more information on how to boost a listing, click here.

After selecting your desired listing and walking through the steps to boost it, a Facebook ad will be generated within 24 hours and marketed to Facebook users within a 15 mile radius of the property.

Once someone clicks on the ad they will be asked to submit their contact information, which is prepopulated from their Facebook account, in order to learn more about the listing.

After they submit their information they will be taken straight to your CORE ListingMachine property tour site for that listing and shown further details. That New Lead will then appear in your CORE ListingMachine leads list, in your daily CORE PropertyBoost notifications, and on your CORE PropertyBoost dashboard.

Please Note: Leads from boosted listings go straight to the listing agent for that property, so do not boost anyone else's listings but your own from CORE ListingMachine!

CORE PropertyBoost Dashboard

Your CORE PropertyBoost dashboard will show you all the currently running ads as well as past ads for previously boosted listings along with impressions, clicks, shares, and leads for each ad.

You can quickly add or edit the Seller's information by clicking on blue 'Seller Info' link to the bottom right of each ad as well as see a list of the leads generated for any particular ad by clicking on the blue 'Leads' link to the right.

Please Note: You will not see a newly boosted listing's ad immediately appear on your CORE PropertyBoost dashboard since it can take up to 24 hours for the ad to propagate, but all New Leads generated by your Active ads will appear the moment they submit their information.

Seller Client Notifications

When you boost a listing, you have the choice to add in the client's contact information so they can receive daily emails containing the stats for their property.

This is an easy, automatic way to keep them informed of your marketing efforts for their listing and show them the amount of impressions, click, new leads, and shares on Facebook that their property generated.

You will also receive a daily email with the same data for each of your boosted listings so you can access these on the go along with your CORE PropertyBoost dashboard.

A final summary email will be sent to you for each boosted listing whose ad is ending so can decide whether to re-boost it or not.

If you have chosen to add your Seller Client's information to their listing's CORE PropertyBoost, they will receive their own version of the final summary email as well.

CORE PropertyBoost Buyer Leads

Each lead generated by a CORE PropertyBoost ad will automatically appear in your leads list in CORE ListingMachine with the Source of 'Facebook Lead Ads' and a link to the property tour site for the boosted listing.

If you have CORE ListingMachine through kvCORE your new CORE PropertyBoost leads will automatically sync over into your Smart CRM, but they will not have any hashtags associated with the boosted listing and will have the normal source of Circlepix.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while purchasing or using CORE PropertyBoost, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing marketplacesupport@insiderealestate.com!

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