If you are looking to increase your value as a listing agent to potential and current Sellers, CORE PropertyBoost is a fantastic addition to your listing presentation repertoire!

It offers an easy way to market new listings on Facebook, keep your Seller Clients up to date with your marketing efforts for their property, and increase your chances at winning new listings.

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Boosting a listing using CORE PropertyBoost can be easily done once a subscription has been purchased in your CORE ListingMachine account.

How To Boost a Listing

There are 4 ways you can boost a listing using CORE PropertyBoost within CORE ListingMachine:

1. On your homepage.

2. In a listing's details page.

3. From a posted tour email.

4. From your CORE PropertyBoost dashboard.

Regardless of how you boost the listing, you will need to enter the address information manually.

Once the listing has been chosen you will need to select a boosting type:

  • Listing - normal listing ad with call to action.

  • Open House - includes event info with call to action.

  • Price Reduced - title announces price drop with call to action.

You may also edit 2 of the ad's options as desired:

  • Targeting - your ad will automatically be shown to all Facebook users within a 15 mile radius of the property's address, but you can change the location.

  • Compliance Text - Make sure to add any compliance verbiage that may be required by your state, MLS, and/or brokerage! You are solely responsible for ensuring this information is displayed on your listing's ad.

TIP: If you choose the 'Open House' boosting type you will need to add in the date and time of the open house event.

By default, the first picture that was uploaded to the MLS is used as the ad's image. If you would like to use a different listing image simply click on the blue 'Select New Image' link underneath the default image to choose from all of the MLS pictures for that property.

Once you select your desired image, click the green "Use Selected Image" button at the bottom of the list and the ad preview will refresh with the new picture.

After setting up the ad you will need to choose a pricing plan that fits your marketing budget. The default 3 week option for $150 will be automatically highlighted, but you can select a different plan for a shorter or longer duration.

Please Note: By purchasing CORE PropertyBoost for any length, you are agreeing to the terms of use notated at the bottom of the pricing plan list:

"In order to boost this property, you must be the listing agent or have permission from the listing agent to do so. Using property boost is the sole responsibility of the agent. The brokerage will not be held responsible for misuse or failure to comply with permission requirements. Ads take 24 - 48 hours to go live. If you are a lender, please do not boost the listing; your leads will be routed to your company and not assigned to you. If the listing becomes Pending/Under Contract/Sold during the duration of the boost, no refund will be issued for the time used and/or remaining. Any time remaining cannot be transferred to a new listing."

The last step is to enter your credit card information and click "Complete Checkout". Your Active boost will appear on your CORE PropertyBoost dashboard within 24 hours and you will receive a confirmation email too.

If you would like to add your Seller Client associated with this property to the CORE PropertyBoost ad and have them receive daily statistic updates, you will need to enter their email and phone number to the Active ad from your CORE PropertyBoost dashboard.

Adding their contact information allows for an easy, streamlined flow of information, keeping them in the loop on your marketing efforts for their property. They will also receive an initial confirmation email notifying them of the boost and to expect daily updates.

Your daily stats email will contain more detail, but your Seller Client will receive the daily amount of impressions, click, new leads, and shares on Facebook that their property generates.

Looking for tips on following up with CORE PropertyBoost-generated leads? Click here!

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while boosting a listing, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing marketplacesupport@insiderealestate.com!

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