Note - Your MLS might not allow this. If this is the case, you will not see options to enhance your listings.

Note - You must first have your Agent MLS ID entered into your profile in kvCORE, so it knows which listings are yours.

Where are my listings?

1. Click on 'Listings' on the left.

2. Click Filter, and toggle on 'My Listings.'

Be sure to click 'Apply' at the bottom.

Enhance Listing Description

Open the details of one of your listings by finding it in the listings list, and clicking on the address. 

You will see a button to Enhance.

Simply click the button to edit. Click on the Green 'Save' button when done. You will get a notification if it was successful:


Enhance Listing Images 

Click on the Gallery Tab to access your Listing's images.

After clicking enhance, you may perform the following actions:

  • Click and Drag images to change their order, just like you would on your desktop to move icons around.
  • Show or Hide Images. To tell which is which, if the font is grayed out, that option is not enabled. For example, this shows an image is currently hidden:

('Show' is grayed out.)


  • Add additional photos to the gallery by using the Add button:
  • To revert all changes to what is in the IDX, use the revert link:

Be sure to click ' SAVE CHANGES ' when you are done making any and all changes!


Videos & Virtual Tours

If you synced your CORE ListingMachine account, and you have a property website and/or video attached to it, you'll see them added to your listings in kvCORE. Opening up the listing shows you the 'Enhanced Media' section right on the overview tab, under the listing description.

Clicking on the gear icon will allow you to modify the link. By and large, if what you have setup in CORE ListingMachine is what you want, then you don't need to change the links. If you do change the links, your modification will permanently override the links sent over from CORE Listing Machine (Circlepix.)

The links here are displayed on your kvCORE website, on the details page for that listing.

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