How do I get my mailing list into Deluxe to use CORE Print?

Your mailing list is automatically generated from the contacts in your kvCORE Smart CRM. All contacts with a complete Primary Address (street, city, state, zip) under 'More Details' will be synced to your CORE Print account.

You may then access these contacts under Leads and Contacts > kvCORE and create specific mailing lists, called Postal Lists by Deluxe.

When you go through the ordering process it will ask you to choose a Mailing List from your existing lists or upload a new list.

What if I have my own mailing list outside of kvCORE?

We recommend you import that mailing list into your Smart CRM so that CORE Print can sync those kvCORE contacts for use. For more info on importing contacts, click here.

While you can technically import an outside mailing list, those contacts/addresses will NOT sync from Deluxe into kvCORE which is why we recommend importing into kvCORE instead.

TIP: When importing a mailing list into kvCORE be sure to include a hashtag so the kvCORE contacts sync into your CORE Print account and are searchable under that hashtag.

How do I get my listings into Deluxe to use CORE Print?

All of your listings will be automatically synced into your CORE Print account from kvCORE and you can access them under the My Listings tab.

Please Note: Only the listings on which you are the primary agent will sync into CORE Print; no listings that you are co-listed as an agent will sync.

Can I use these print products with my co-listed properties?

It depends. If you are the primary agent on a co-listed property then yes, that listing will sync from kvCORE to CORE Print and you will be able to market it using a print product.

There are two specific co-listing print products for these types of listings:

Postcards: Can be found under Print > Postcards > Property Specific > Co-Listing.

Brochures: Can be found under Print > CORE Print Exclusives > Brochures > Co-Listing.

If you are not the primary agent on a co-listed property, then you will not have access to the listing details and cannot use a print product to market that listing.

Can I use CORE Print even if I don't have listings?

Yes! CORE Print has many print products that can be utilized without needing an associated listing. Some examples are Postcards, Brochures, and Calendars. You can use these to advertise yourself, your business, or even a vendor/lender partner.

Is CORE Print accessible through my kvCORE app?

CORE Print is not directly accessible through your app, meaning there is no specific section labeled 'CORE Print' within the app.

However, if you click on the hamburger menu in the top left corner and choose "Switch to Web Version" you will be taken to the mobile browser view of your kvCORE account and from there you may tap on the CORE Print tab.

Are all of these print pieces included with my kvCORE account?

CORE Print must be enabled by a kvCORE Account Owner and they must reach out to their Account Manager in order to do so.

Once the CORE Print SSO has been added to the account, all users will be able to access it via their left navigation menu.

All the print pieces that appear under the Print tab are available for purchase.

Can I customize any of the designs?

At this time none of the designs are able to be customized further than choosing a specific color theme and adding images.

How does CORE Print use my kvCORE Text Code?

Your default Text Code (found in kvCORE > Lead Engine > Call Capture) will automatically sync to CORE Print and it will appear on all your print pieces.

If you would like to use a different text code you can create a custom text code in kvCORE and then add that into the 'Short Text Code' field when prompted to fill out your details as you complete an order.

For more information on how to leverage Text Codes for lead generation, click here.

Who do I contact for Support and Billing issues or questions?

If you have any technical issues or billing questions, please contact Deluxe's Support Team via one of the below methods:

Phone: 800-454-7622


You can also submit an inquiry using their 'Contact Us' option under the Help tab.

Want an overview of CORE Print? Click here for more info!

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