Whether you want to create a presentation to share the CMA data and other information with a Seller or a Buyer, CORE Present has you covered! Additionally, you have the option to skip building a property-specific CMA and simply create a general presentation with the information you wish to share with that Client.

To learn more about CORE Present, click here.

Please Note: If you need to create a listing presentation for a Seller or Buyer, the first step is to generate a CMA report for their property. To learn how to do this, click here.

Once you have your CMA data generated and organized as desired, you can move on to creating the slide presentation of that information.

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Creating a Listing Presentation

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Creating a Listing Presentation

CORE Present's listing presentations are made up of the CMA's data from the first step and organizes it on easy-to-understand slides. Each slide with its information is then categorized by topic and fall into 1 of 4 sections.

You can then reorder those sections, add or remove slides within each section, and preview the overall presentation prior to sharing it with your Seller or Buyer.

Please Note: At this time, there is no way to edit the content on a slide as each slide consists of CMA data and supporting information.

For Sellers

When creating a presentation for Sellers, you will see 2 presentation setting fields on the top left:

  1. Emphasis

  2. Theme

The Theme refers to the type of presentation style you would like to organize the CMA information into for this particular Seller Lead/Client.

If you have made any customizations to one or more of these Themes, those customizations will automatically appear in the presentation's slides.

For instance, if you disabled a particular slide for the Luxury presentation style, that slide would not appear. However, you do still have the ability to add or remove slides for this particular presentation as necessary.

The Emphasis refers to the order of the presentation's sections and the topics the corresponding slides touch on. The Default Order emphasis will always be the initial layout of each presentation and it reflects any customizations you made to the presentation's Theme.

For instance, if you reordered the position of 2 sections for the Traditional presentation style, the Default Order would reflect those customized positions. However, you can reorder slides or sections within each presentation as needed to personalize it for your Seller.

There are 3 other Emphasis options you can choose from that will automatically re-sort your presentation's sections to reflect the chosen Emphasis:

  1. Contingent - This layout is aimed towards Sellers who are interested in selling their property, but want to feel comfortable that their listing will be priced right and will cultivate the most Buyer interest.

    The reordered sections will highlight your marketing plan(s) to generate Buyer Leads, your market analysis of current trends, and why you are the best choice.

  2. I'm Shopping You - This layout is aimed towards Sellers who want to sell their property as soon as possible, but want to ensure they are choosing the best Agent to help them do so.

    The reordered sections will begin with showing why you are the best choice, your marketing plan(s) to generate Buyer Leads and/or the Buyers you may already have whose interests align with this Seller's property, and why their listing should be priced at your suggested amount.

  3. Make Me List - This layout is aimed towards Sellers who are thinking about selling their property, but are unsure that now is the right time.

    The reordered sections will review what their property is worth and your suggested price, your market analysis of current trends in their area, and your marketing plan(s) to generate interest and ultimately Buyer Leads.

TIP: If you use an Emphasis other than Default Order, CORE Present will simply reorder the existing sections according to the chosen layout. No new slides or sections will be added and none will be removed.

Regardless of the Emphasis you select, if you decide to reorder the sections, you will see the Emphasis change to Custom Order. This indicates that you have manually edited the layout of your chosen presentation Theme.

TIP: If you unknowingly reorder the sections in a way that matches one of the other Emphasis options, you will see that the Emphasis changes to reflect the matching one.

If you need to start over from the beginning, simply select a different Emphasis so CORE Present can automatically reorder the slides according to your choice and you can start your customizations over.

As you review the slides within each section, you can click on each one to preview the information it contains. If you decide to not include it in this presentation, you can click the 'X' in the top right above the slide. You can also drag and drop the slides to reorder them within a section.

If you would like to review all the slides related to a particular section, click the "+ Add Slide" button underneath the last slide in that section's list.

If you want to add another slide, just click on it and then click the green "Save & Continue" button in the bottom left.

In the right corner you have options to change the presentation view from Web, which is the default view, to PDF in case you are planning on printing the presentation out or sending it via PDF.

If you would like to upload an image to display on the first (cover) slide, you can click the white "Image" button to select a photo from your desktop/laptop.

Clicking the blue "Present & Share" button will take you to the Presentation Dashboard where you can take further actions after you are satisfied with the layout and information in your listing presentation.

For Buyers

The only difference between a Seller listing presentation and a Buyer presentation is that the Emphasis options do not appear for a Buyer presentation. You still have the 3 different presentation Themes to chose from, however.

General Presentations

If you would like to prepare a general presentation that is not specific to a Seller or Buyer viewpoint, you can do so by choosing the 'Present Info' option on your CORE Present dashboard.

Similar to the Buyer presentations, you will only see the Themes menu and not the Emphasis menu. All the default slides are available for you to use, minus the ones that rely on CMA data, but only a handful of slides will appear as a suggestion.

Presenting & Sharing

After clicking the blue "Present & Share" button, you will be taken to the Presentation Dashboard which offers further actions and the ability to open the presentation.

  • Add Client - if you have a kvCORE contact that is associated with this listing presentation, you can select them here. If you do not have the person added as a contact in kvCORE, you can also quickly add them to your Smart CRM here as well.

  • Add Listing Agreement Link - if you have a DocuSign agreement, Google Drive PDF, or another type of externally hosted file, you can add the URL to it in this field. At this time, you cannot upload documents directly.

  • Add Net Sheet - if you wish to create a net sheet you can fill out the related fields and it will automatically create a slide that will be added to your presentation.

  • Add Video Link - if you have a video you would like to use to open the presentation, such as a personal introduction or brokerage overview clip, you can add the unique URL to this field.

    Please Note: If you have a CORE Video subscription, you cannot use the videos you have recorded using that feature in kvCORE. If you have recorded/saved videos within your BombBomb account, however, you can use those videos because they have a unique URL.

  • Open Presentation - this will open your listing presentation in a new browser tab for you to review it with the Seller or Buyer.

  • Email Presentation - you can easily send a link to the presentation to your Seller or Buyer using this option and add a message as desired.

  • Download & Print - you can easily download a PDF version of the listing presentation and print it or send the PDF link to your Seller or Buyer.

  • Presentation Link - if you would like to share the direct link in a different way with your Seller or Buyer, you can copy the listing presentation's URL in order to do so.

When you are ready to present the information, click on the play button in the middle of your slide preview or click 'Open Presentation'. You can then navigate from one slide to the next by clicking on the appropriate black arrow on the bottom right.

There are multiple slides within a presentation that are interactive as well. Any slides that you and a Seller or Buyer can click around on will have an interactivity icon next to the black arrows on the bottom right.

To learn more about the available sections and their slides within a CORE Present listing presentation, click here!

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If you have any further questions when creating a presentation, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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