Generating Leads is critical to your success in Kunversion!

There are so, so many different strategies out there for how to get likes, and views and things. Our best advice right off the top is:

  • Join the KV Facebook Group

  • Focus on getting every single kind of lead into the system as your number one priority.

  • Buy facebook advertising to get some traffic flowing in ASAP. (There's no contract on advertising, just start getting leads today! Cancel anytime.)

  • Keep doing something to generate more leads. The person walking around the block is doing more than the person sitting at home watching TV.

  • Any possible medium, by phone, by text, by business card, can be ported into Kunversion automatically.

If you are super-new to this, the most important thing you need to get familiar with is your personal subdomain. Once you know what that is, you will see it everywhere. You will see it in links, in texts, in emails. Recognizing what it looks like means that you can effectively direct leads to your agent dashboard. Read more about subdomains here .

Where do leads come from?

Leads are either paid for or free. Paid leads are easy to get; you just pay for them. Free leads require a lot of time and thinking. A lot of self-research. Regardless of where they come from, they are both forms of lead generation. This is important to remember. A lot of people feel like they are missing the boat and start diving down the rabbit hole chasing an impossible dream that relies entirely on buzzwords like SEO actually meaning something. Very simply, you are going to get the amount of leads that you either invested the time or money equivalent to obtain. On this page, we will show you all of the tools you can use to find people and get them to your website.

If you're starting your Kunversion journey on a small scale, you're going to want to shoot for a very simple goal. We would recommend generating around 40-50 leads per month. For yourself. If you're on a small team, each member of your team must have similar aspirations. Once you reach that goal, you'll understand what 40-50 leads means regarding money and effort. From there, it's an economy of scale. If you're pretty adept at cold calling and whatnot, you'll want to generate 20x the number of leads as you want closings. If you start from scratch, leads will start turning around and become serious on average 8-12 months from when they register.

Here's a little bit of motivation:

What are some of the specific pathways inbound leads can take?

What's the difference between squeeze pages and landing pages?

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