Below are 24 different methods to drive leads, build your Sphere of Influence (SOI), and grow your business. Each section is equally important and It may help to think of these suggestions as a recipe for success with each item as an ingredient that will make the whole dish more delicious and satisfying.

Section 1: Build Your SOI by Importing Your Contacts  

  • Be proactive and gather your Sources (LinkedIn, Outlook, Facebook, etc)

  • Set reminders to yourself to pull new reports each quarter from sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc so your SmartCRM is up to date

  • Import the leads & contacts - Let us do the ‘heavy lifting’ of Imports while you’re handling daily business

  • To make an appointment with an LCS click here

  • The Lead Configuration Specialist service is available via the Admin (Broker) Dashboard only*

  • PRO TIP:  Use Status and Hashtag to further define the type of contact for easy sorting.  This will allow the Smart CRM Filter to help you locate niche, targeted groups of contacts


Tools Used In Section 1


1.1 - Importing Leads & Contacts

Use the various tools listed to complete the tasks in Section 1.

Tools Used


1.2 - Add GMail Contacts to SOI

1.3 - Add MLS Prospects to SOI

Current contacts within MLS download.

  • If you have MLS Prospects/Contacts, download them and import them into your Smart CRM

1.4 - Add Outlook Contacts to SOI

1.5 - Add iPhone Contacts to SOI

1.6 - Configure Zapier

  • Configure Zapier Integration (this will come in handy when you get into advanced tactics for driving leads within Section 3)Zapier is an app that helps bridge data from our resource to another.  This will allow you to set up information on social media such as Facebook for lead generation, and have the new leads flow directly onto your dashboard


Section 2: The Basics Of Lead Generation

By now you have taken the steps of building the Smart CRM foundation within kvCORE by taking the steps of using our Lead Configuration Specialist or completed a DIY lead import, as well as connected your email lead forwarding sources directly into kvCORE.  Section 1: Build SOI by Importing Leads and Contacts helps you build that strong foundation of your SOI and lead sources.  Section 2: The Basics of Lead Generation, helps you continue building those segments.

  • Build Your Sphere of Influence by Continually Growing Your Pipeline

  • The following techniques use different tools within kvCORE you can employ for lead generation 

  • These can be used for Organic (free) lead generation or DIY Pay Per Click lead generation

  • The working knowledge & execution of these techniques will prepare you for Section 3: Advanced Tactics for Driving Leads


Use the various tools listed to complete the tasks in Section 2.

Tools Used


2.1 - Use Open House App for Buyers & Sellers

  • Make sure Open House campaign is turned on and triggered by hashtag ‘openhouse-attend’

  • Download the Open House App (above link)

  • Setup a new Open House and include the 'openhouse-attend' hashtag (needed for Filter in Smart CRM)

  • All attendees will be automatically tagged with #openhouse123456 (open house and mls # of open house attended)


2.2 - Leverage Listings To Gain Homeowner Information

  • Link people to either

  • Target ad for home owners within 1-2 miles of recently sold property

  • If running paid PPC ad within Facebook (for example)


2.3 - Single Property IDX Squeeze Page

  • Create squeeze link for a single property

  • Copy link created

  • Post link to social media/s of choice

  • Use Filters in Smart CRM to locate contacts within Smart CRM


2.4 - Single Property Landing Page “Squeeze the Landing Page”

  • Be sure to build a hashtag into the Squeeze Page for easy identification of contacts who responded

  • Copy link created to use Link within the Landing Page Tool

  • Create Landing Page

  • Copy Link Created (click here to learn how to save a Landing Page)

  • Post link to social media/s of choice

  • Use Filters in Smart CRM to locate contacts


2.5 - Custom Text Code Calls To Actions

  • You can then set up other unique text codes for niche, targeted audiences such as Craigslist posts, Sign Riders, Print Media

  • Set up YOUR Custom Text Code


2.6 - Craigslist Google Extension

  • Yes, it will write a Craigslist ad FOR YOU!

  • Sit back, stretch, sip some coffee, and watch it build (you may need to click a  county depending on your area)

  • You will still need to review and edit if applicable

  • It will pull the primary photo from the listing automatically


2.7 - Millions Mapped (front facing app for your leads)

  • You can utilize it as a lead capture device

  • You can utilize it as a way to obtain phone numbers from your sphere/leads/prospects

  • It is your main competition for the consumer facing Zillow App

  • Once your lead downloads the app it’s like they have your website in their pocket 24/7/365


2.8 - Add Your Own Manual/Exclusive Listing

  • Manual Listings : Key Points

  • Manual Listings you add are NOT added to the MLS

  • Manual Listings will be syndicated to third parties such as Zillow (when available)

  • Manual Listings will connect to school information from your MLS, but do not use any other MLS data


Section 3: Advanced Lead Generation Tactics for Driving Leads back to YOU

The following Advanced Lead Generation sessions were created by an Inside Real Estate Real Estate Lead Conversion & Conversion Support expert.  These sessions bring together the skills you have acquired during Section 2: The Basics of Lead Generation and help you ramp up into Section 3: Advanced Lead Generation

  • As you have worked your way through Section 2: The Basics of Lead Generation, you have learned how to employ these lead generation tools within kvCORE

  • To see all advanced lead generation and tactics classes click here

  • You can also access these via your kvCORE Dashboard by scrolling down the left side of your dashboard and clicking on the Question Mark that has “Help Resources” next to it, then clicking on “Webinars & Training” at the top of the page

  • Inside Real Estate will announce the topic/s, time and date within the kvCORE Discussion Group on Facebook. Click here to join the discussion group

  • Don’t worry if you miss a segment, they will be found via the Help Resources>Webinars & Training tab outlined above

The Section 3: Advanced Lead Generation tactic sessions speak to both kvCORE & Kunversion+ users.  You may see different screens, back and forth, however the concept of execution remains the same within the social media content creation.  The sessions pick up from the skills you learned in Section 2 and applies them into creating Do It Yourself Pay Per Click advertising and free lead generation techniques.


Use the various tools listed to complete the tasks in Section 3.

Tools Used

3.1 - Simple, Affordable Action Plan for Facebook SOI

3.2 - Twitter PPC Advertising Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics


3.3 - A "Set It & Forget It" Real Estate Deals Funnel


3.4 - A Game Plan For Generating FREE Real Estate Leads From Your Social Sphere Of Influence


3.5 - Leading with Listings


3.6 - A Weird Way To Get Real Estate Seller Leads with Kunversion & KVCORE?

  • A Weird Way To Get Real Estate Seller Leads with Kunversion & KVCORE? Instead of just pushing people at your "What's Mine Worth", house value page, this "funnel" takes a longer term approach that relies on you to create weekly (or monthly) update posts that are shown to your growing digital farm of potential homeowners who might list with you someday.


3.7 - Hartman: Google Adwords Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

3.8 - Snapchat Tactics for Real Estate

3.9 - Bing PPC Advertising Tactics

Download a printable copy of this guide here.

4.0 - Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

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